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Garbage Disposals & Applaince Installation

Do you need a new garbage disposal or have you recently purchased a new appliance?
  Get it installed properly!

Microwave InstallationRefrigerator Installation
We professionally install:

•  Garbage disposals
Refrigerator water-supply lines
•  Washers

•  Dryers
•  Dishwashers
•  Stoves/Ovens
•  Over-the-range microwaves

Since most appliance retailers no longer offer "free" installation, over the last several years our customers have been requesting installation service. Appliance retailers have nice showrooms and delivery service but normally use subcontractors for installations. Naturally, there can be problems with quality control when relying on a third-party. Instead, have an actual appliance technician install your new equipment!

Garbage Disposal

Old garbage disposals will frequently jam, eventually crack and start leaking under the sink. Disposals are sealed units and non-repairable. But
don't waste your time disposal shopping! We always carry the dependable, all-purpose favorite: Whirlpool 1/2 horsepower.

Simply give us a call for an estimate on appliance installation or a new disposal!