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  • Warm water rinses have no affect on cleaning power, always select cold water for rinse.
Overloaded Washing Machine
  • Do not overload washers! You can destroy a machine beyond repair by overloading it, especially front-loaders. If you are cramming clothes into the washer, chances are you are overloading it. Fill the drum without compressing the items. For those huge comforters, it's better to take them to the cleaners than stuffing them in a home machine.
  • Front-load washers are susceptible to mold formation inside the machine. This can be avoided by leaving the door open overnight after usage and following the recommended cleaning/maintenance by the manufacturer.
  • Once every month, dump a cup of dishwasher detergent or some other (safe) acidic product in the washing machine and run a full-length cycle with hot water. This will dissolve the laundry detergent residue and body oils that accumulate in system.      


    • Dead dryer? -Check the fuse panel for a tripped breaker.Dryer Fire
    • Wash lint screen periodically for maximum performance. Use soap & water and scrub with a soft brush, then rinse.
    • Prevent dryer fires! Lint buildup in dryers and ducts can catch fire. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 15,000 fires and ten deaths occur annually in the U.S. from dryer fires. The internal lint buildup and duct should be cleaned annually.
    • The inside of the dryer cabinet should also be cleaned of lint buildup annually. Dryer motors contain a cooling fan that draws lint into the motor. The lint buildup eventually suffocates the motor, causing it to overheat and burn-out.


    • Clean the condenser coil/radiator behind and at the bottom of your refrigerator/freezer annually to keep it at maximum operating efficiency.
    Dirty Refrigerator Coil
    • Frost and ice buildup in the freezer reduces efficiency and is a sign of a problem in modern frost-free systems.
    • Constantly opening the freezer or not closing the door all the way (common in homes with children) will cause frost buildup even in modern frost-free systems.
    • Don't pack a freezer too tight. Air needs to circulate around the freezer to operate properly.


    • Always use the highest cleaning setting (pots & pans) for all washing.Dishwasher
    • Use powdered detergents. Liquid detergents can stick to dishware and leave residue.
    • Use quality, brand-name detergents and rinse aids. Off-brand/cheap products can stick to dishware, and cause residue buildup in dishwasher pump system.
    • Remove large food pieces from dishes before loading dishwasher.
    • Periodically remove the bottom rack and clean the pump screen/trap. Food pieces can accumulate at the pump intake screen/trap and restrict the flow. Also check for small utensils and other objects that may be in the sump.
    • Periodically clean the rubber door seal. Particles and mold can buildup on the seal and cause leaks. Simply wipe down with a warm, wet dish towel.